Thursday, November 08, 2007

updates updates updates

Thank goodness for all of the A's in my life...AC, AT, AO, AL (in no particular order)...thank you, ladies.

This post needs a list format. There is just THAT much.

1. His Yumminess texted me this 830 sharp...asking what I ended up doing last night. Random, strange and completely unexpected. We have a few interchanges via text that involve him telling me he met with his realtor last night and the close date on his condo was moved back and then me responding with how much that sucks. And that' He had asked me to let him "know about hanging out next week" yesterday morning, and I told him we would just have to see. And now the chit chat? He's strange. Apparently being born in 1983 makes him misunderstood. My admin told me that.

2. Match Scott and I are still emailing...I called him out and was all "Are you ever going to ask me for my number?" and his response is " some point in the near future." People are f-ing weird.

3. I have a date with a new acquaintance on Monday. We'll call him...Boy Named Sue. BNS is a guitarist, in his mid 30's (ish) that I met through a social networking website. We've been emailing, he asked if I wanted to get drinks, I said "Hell, why not?"

4. Tonight is my charity remember...cute (hopefully), male (hopefully) architects? I leave work in t-minus 54 minutes. Not soon enough.

5. My Douche Bag Roommate and her boyfriend picked out a $42,000 engagement ring from Tiffany's. Need I remind you she is unemployed and he lives on a boat and his ex (who has a restraining order against him) lives in his condo. How AM I single?

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