Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So things with Match Scott are pretty much on ice. We are emailing back and forth for...about 5 days now and he has yet to ask me for my number. What? Why? Sigh.

In other news, I met a HOT 24 year old this past Friday night. I didn't realize how hot he was until last night, but that's besides the point. We texted and talked all weekend. We had out technical "first" date last night and well...you know I have trouble with self control. He's Yummy. And plus, he'll be 25 in January. There are so many things wrong about this situation that it may have circled on back to right (thanks for that, MC). Only time will tell.

My lovely roommate (the one who isn't the douchebag) told me it was OK to have some fun with him, just as long as I truly didn't care if I ever heard from him again. I agreed...after all, I have Match Scott on ice. But the trouble started early with the 24 hotty and I was in way over my head before I even realized what was happening...and while I'm pretty sure I WILL hear from him again (but don't quote me on it) it's not a huge loss if I don't. I mean...I'll live.

All in all, last night was pretty awesome for a Monday. Let the good times roll.

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