Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blah this won't be funny or uplifting

It's getting closer and closer...birthday #27.

I'm not sure why it's especially suffocating this year. Maybe because I felt I would be somewhere different like living on my own...or with my significant other. And yet that sounds SO lame. Waaah wahhh poor me because I don't have a boyfriend. Really? When did I become that girl? Where did these self imposed limits COME from?

Well...onto updates...

His Yumminess is in communication with me again via text after a few days hiatus. I don't even know if I want to see him again, or even have that to deal with. I guess in an emergency, it's a good thing to have on the back burner. Is that terrible?

I never went out on a date with BNS. I made an excuse about being sick. I don't think I'll ever go out with him.

I sent Match Scott an email with my phone number. I'm sick of emailing with him for what's going on three weeks. Grow a set...or I guess I'll give you my set.

I also don't know why this week finds me feeling particularly sorry for myself. Is it the PMS? (wow that's an old and lame excuse) Something going on with the weather? Is the longer hair really not working for me?

Unstructured time has never been my friend. It leaves me listless and useless. I'm such a bad vacation taker.

I miss the days where I cherished my alone time. Now I think I'm starting to dread it. When did this happen? When did I become this lonely? And WHY. What the...maybe it's the upcoming year mark of my full on dating push. It makes me wonder if I'd be in a different place had I not gone down that road. Of course I wouldn't have had nearly as many funny stories for the blog.

I know...so many questions...where IS that magic 8-ball...

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