Thursday, November 29, 2007


As my dad would say, I've been "burning the candle at both ends" this week.

Every night I've either been working or out and about, even including Sunday night! It's good to be busy, but I really need to do laundry.

But let's get to the good stuff.

So last night was date #2 with Match Doug. The night started with me being really tired and not caring at all what I looked like, so I changed into jeans, a sweatshirt and sneakers and put my hair in a headband. To my credit, the heat was cranked to 80 when I got home to my apartment after work and I just couldn't stay in there for long enough to come up with another cute outfit that was also comfortable. I did manage to powder my nose and re-cover my cheek zit. THEN I got stuck in Pike traffic THEN Doug failed to tell me that his street did not have a street sign, so I drove past it and then couldn't find a place to turn around. Then I called him and he didn't know anything about his neighborhood where he's lived for six years. Then he tells me we have to go grocery shopping for pizza ingredients. Uhm...excuse me? You don't go grocery shopping on a second date. He insists he told me about these plans in an email and my retort is that I thought he was kidding. He didn't appreciate the sass at all and asked me why I was being so mean. AWKWARD. So then we have a few beers and he makes a pizza out of cheese, onions and green olives. GROSS. I politely asked that he order a pizza.

Side story about the beer: I ended up bringing over two six packs, one of beer that I actually wanted to drink and one of beer I knew he would like. After drinking one of my beers (yum), he insisted on feeding me some strange Belgian beer even though I was clear that I wanted to drink THE BEER THAT I HAD BROUGHT. I almost asked for my 5remaining beers when I was leaving.

Eh continue.

I had about four beers while waiting for the pizza and was borderline sloshed by the time it arrived. I quickly ate some of it because I knew I had to sober up: the more beer I had the more I was doing the "Well, his accent isn't THAT annoying...he IS kinda cute...he DOES have nice cats...he DOES have his own place..." and I knew that was trouble. I was trying to convince myself that I liked him.

After two pieces of pizza, it was crystal clear that I did NOT in fact like him, at least not romantically. He started to snuggle up on me. While I like to be touched and enjoy a good snuggle, he assumed too much and it didn't feel right. Then he sort of picked me up and layed me down on the couch (after he insisted I sit on his lap). I went with it at first (in a "Let's see where this is going, I might be into it" kind of way) but then he started kissing me like a guppy, took my shoes off and shoved his hands up my shirt. Then had the NERVE to tell me my bra was "boring" but he still wanted to "tease" me. Since when do guys TEASE? That is the stupidest, gayest thing I have ever heard.

Do you want me to go on? DO YOU?

So after I tell him I don't want to continue with the heavy petting (all on his part, mind you. I barely touched him), he persists...which pissed me off. Then it was time to go...and I got out of there fast.

There are some metrosexual things I can tolerate and actually find endearing. A lime green VW bug (the newer version!) with specialty MA plates is NOT one of those things. That shit is just GAY.


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