Monday, May 16, 2005

Uninspired Monday Morning

It's terribly gloomy outside. This is so typical of New England. We have about three days of nice weather in April and May and then, all of a sudden, it's June and hitting above 90 degrees every day.

That's why I just love it here. If nothing, I have the weather to complain about.

I've already logged in two hours here in the office. I'd say it has been about 10 minutes of actual work while the rest of the time was spent rescheduling doctor's appointments, buying things off of Ebay that I desperately needed (VIPs: Very Important Purchases), and updating myself on my fellow blogger's lives.

Isn't it all just so exciting?

My weekend was actually quite nice. I was very drunk on Friday night and had a fabulous time. My crush was there but I treated him as delicately as I knew how. I think I still managed to shock and/or offend him. I still crush him like I'm 14 and I've decided that, until something more exciting comes along, that's just fine with me.

In other news, I think Cortney is immobile in her bed. We unpacked her room yesterday (my anal retentive/obsessive compulsive skills do occasionally come in handy) and she forgot to lift with her legs. When she left my place last night, I was quite giddy and couldn't help but laugh at her hobbling around. I'm such a terrible person.

But I swear that watching her try to make her way down my stairs, one small step at a time, was quite the hilarious event.

I'm trying so hard to be entertaining here. I'll do some work, have a stronger (ok, existent) sense of accomplishment and then perhaps later, if you are really lucky, I'll be back.



The Dummy said...

When you said gloomy weather, I thought, are you in San Diego? It's exactly the same over here!! Hope the weather gets better in time for my trip to NYC!

How hot is it now?

Steph said...

Oh DD. It will be better once the summer really gets going, but it's actually kind of cold. We haven't hit 75 yet!