Wednesday, May 18, 2005

sleepy sleeperson

I'm very sleepy. It's this weather. The sun comes out for about 5 minutes a day and then it rains and then rains more. It's pretty fucking depressing. Even the chipper, pregnant, always smiling weather lady said it was depressing this morning. How...depressing.

I was thinking more about Britney and how disturbed I was by her show. I know I'm only a year older than she is, but I like to think I would make more educated decisions with the piles of money she has in her possession. I'd like to think I wouldn't utter phrases like "Can you handle my truth?" No. No Britney. I cannot handle it. I don't think you can, either. You have obviously lost several brain cells along the way...somewhere. Maybe it was all that fake smoke during your Onyx Tour, or maybe it's all the Red Bull and nicotine. Did they put you on pain killers for that sham of a knee injury? I'm not a doctor. I don't know.

One good thing has come out of this: seeing Britney without her bra on has reinforced my theory that those bad boys are real. And she looks like shit without makeup on and she's really not all that beautiful, just kind of cute. I'll give her nice teeth. And when she loses her figure, she's just blah. So apparently there is more than one good thing.

I'm serious. What is she doing? Doesn't her mother hire people to talk her out of things like this?

What may be more discouraging is how much thought I have put into it, but I'm blaming that on the fact that the train wreck that happened last night is mentioned on every website I've visited today. And work is terribly mind numbing.

Even more discouraging? I just can't get enough.

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