Friday, May 20, 2005

Gutter ball

I'm usually not self involved to the point where there are very important/poignant things going on around me and, not only do I not notice or acknowledge them, I just don't care.

Today is an exception to that general rule. My indifference has reached the point of stunning.

I'm in the office, and there is plenty of work to be done. However, I have many blogs to read, some bills to pay and much web surfing to accomplish first. I could care less that deadlines are approaching or that stuff is going down in the Middle East or wherever. Today, it's all about Stephanie.

First off: The season finale of The O.C. was amazing. The show was so/so all season, with the exception of the last couple of episodes. The previews for the finale made me think one thing was going to happen and then something completely different went down. I was expecting the predictable and I got something that made me slack-jawed and a repeat offender of screaming "YEEEEESSSS!" I was expecting one scene with a gun that was actually fired and I got TWO. I have a new appreciation for the people behind this television program. Even if you don't usually watch it, you must tune in this summer for some of the later episodes. There is just the right mix of drama, comedy and self deprecation. I'm in love.

In other news: As if acting and being famous did not already bring in piles of money and one person cannot possibly spend in a life time, movie and television stars are taking to the stage. I had no idea that William Shatner came out with an album. In addition, it seems that the general consesus is that it's actually good. Robert Downey, Jr. has apparently blessed us with a record. Unfortunately all of the pulling on the crack pipe seems to have permanently damaged his hearing. (Side note: Is there actually a Robert Downey, Sr.? If so, who is this man and why have I never heard of him?) Jack Black if of course amazing in Tenancious D but me thinks he was doing this gig before he hit the silver screen. Jennifer Love Hewitt has always made me want to throw up everywhere with her acting, so I'm sure her music would be no acception. She's compared to a "less talented Jessica Simpson," which speaks volumes.

That's it for that. I can't go on.

It's going to rain on and off all weekend, but mostly on Sunday, when I'm supposed to attend a Red Sox game. Sometimes games are more fun in the rain, but still. I don't like being wet when I'm not supposed to be wet. *teehee*

Someone's mind is in the gutter.

Have I mentioned lately that my job makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a Bic medium point?

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