Thursday, May 26, 2005

the night I witnessed history being made

Loyal readers,
I am completely and utterly smitten with last night's Idol finale. It was a perfect mix of laughing, tears, bad acting, endless self promotion, spoofs, B-list celebrity appearences and glorious, glorious resolution.

Where do I begin? I'll start with things I just wasn't all that crazy about:
1. Carrie's strange curled/crimped/"I slept with my wet hair in a french braid because I'm 12" hair.
2. The simple presence of Scott, Anthony, Nikko and Constantine.
3. Mikala's bazillionth attempt to channel Taylor Dane and failing miserably.
4. Paula's bejeweled dress.
5. Matt Rogers.
6. Babyface.
7. Seacrest.
8. Simon's completely unbuttoned shirt with hairless chest.

Things that were AWESOME:
1. Carrie's oldest and youngest fans. Even though Matt Rogers was present, it was still pretty darn cute.
2. Carrie's dress.
3. Carries performance with Rascal Flatts. And I hate country, people.
4. Jessica Sierra in a half shirt looking FINE!!!
5. Bo and ensemble performance of Sweet Home Alabama.
6. Bo brought to tears after performance of Sweet Home Alabama and blantantly ignoring Seacrest.
7. Awesome, but in a terrible car accident sort of way: The "expose" about Simon having an affair with himself. Not only did it show support for Paula, but it was a direct slam on how lame and gross Corey Clark is and that rules.
8. Randy's white shoes with pink laces. YES!!

There aren't words, folks. Really.

In other news, last night's finale yielded some commercial breaks featuring previews to some summer shows. One such show is called So You Think You Can Dance which reminds me of Dance 360, which is one of the most unabashedly terrible things I have ever seen. Of course you all know that I just adore unabashedly terrible things. July 20th seems a long ways off, though. What to do between now and then? OC reruns? Become obsessed with Hell's Kitchen, even though I have no interest in cooking or any competition that has to do with cooking?

Who am I kidding. Of course I'll watch it.

Because I just realized that I forgot to mention it...Carrie won.

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