Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The end draws near

I have to say, once The Idol is over, there will be an empty space in my life. It makes me very, very sad.

How will I spend my summer nights? Drinking beer and eating BBQ? Hmmm...that sounds like a very close second.

Tonight, we finally learn WHO will be the NEXT American Idol. I'm torn about who I want to win the crown.

If Bo wins, it would be so great. A white guy kinda needs to win. But I think it would ruin his career before it even got off the ground.

If Carrie wins, it seems as if everyone wins. Even though I prefer Bo, I hope Carrie takes home the title.

I can't wait for the audience shots of her family crying, of her crying, of former Idols crying, of Paula crying. There will be so much hugging and gratuitous cheek kissing. Ryan will be just beside himself and mention something about how much he loves his job. There will be TWO FULL HOURS of this tonight. I'll hang on every word, every shameless self-promotion. It will be nothing short of magical.


Melissa said...

I hate it when the Idol ends, because then I am reminded that I'll either have to get a life or a new pop culture obession, and both are singularly exhausting.

Anonymous said...

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