Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Latchkey Kid

There really is just so much to write about. For those of you not entirely engulfed in all that is The Idol, you might want to skip this one. OR, because I'm so hilarious and witty, you may want to read on just because of my witty banter. Entirely your choice, but not really.

My friend Kristin shares my (at times) unhealthy obsession with The Idol. Tonight we both wondered why Anthony had a key around his neck, as if it's some sort of fashion statement. I told her I would steal her reasoning: "He's a latchkey...his parents won't be home when gets in tonight."

It's funny. So laugh. Loudly.

Scott, however, is the one to go home. At the beginning of the show, I am SHOCKED that Ryan tells Scott and Anthony to sit on the couch. Thank GOD for Kristin and her reasoning because I would have continued to shriek.

These are the moments when I realize that I am, in fact, completely obsessed with this program.

Knowing the night would only get better with the Prime Time Live expose, I sat back and relaxed. I'm PMSing, so my back is killing me.

Corey Clark says that Paula helped him cheat, slept with him, called him all the time, etc. I don't know if I buy it. But then again, those PTL peeps are so convincing! I mean, his parents are in the mix, he's got phone bills with Paula's number on them, the guy at the Sprint Store is vouching for him...I'm almost convinced. He's going to be on GMA, people!!

Corey loves Paula. He's recording an album written almost entirely about their affair.

This could have been a very short program, with just a recording of Corey going "Yeah...I hit that."

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