Friday, May 06, 2005

There sure is some funny looking basil

I love alchohol. I love drinking and drinking and drinking until I'm numb.

Of course, too much of a good thing is...never a good thing.

I've recently started feeling a whole lot better about things in general and the last thing I want to do is fuck that up. But every once in a while, I take liberties. I have to do this while I'm young, you see.

Last night was Cinco de Mayo, as I'm sure you are all aware. I hadn't planned on doing anything, because the OC was on for a full two hours. So really all I had planned on was watching that, in my room, in my bed, period.

I was invited over to Pretty Miss Lisa's place with Sexy Cortney to watch said two hours of unabashedly guilty pleasure. With beer. Lots of beer.

Because my body has all kinds of chemicals running through it already, adding one (or more than one) into the mix almost always results in feeling utterly craptastic the following day.

Today brings no exception. But it's not just because of the beer.

For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to, after the numerous beers, sample some funky junk that I had just gotten my hands on (Christian came through in a pinch with some impressive connections). I had to test it, you make sure it's not poison or bad or any other number of senseless tradegies.

I can safely say that, before last night, I have never been in such a state by myself. I think of it as a "special treat" so I'm usually at a party, surrounded by others, or what have you.

(Side note: The Doll is endlessly shuffling up and down the office today, running into this and that because he never took me up on those walking lessons I offered. It's not improving the headache.)

Needless to say, I found myself alone and high as a kite. On a school night.

For what seemed like hours, I did all of the things I usually do before I hit the sack. I was in the bathroom for what felt like quite some time but was actually about 7 minutes. Then I thought it would be a great idea, since I was home alone, to dance around the apartment in my underwear. Of course I didn't need music because I was singing, very loudly, to myself. After what seemed like another hour (4 minutes), I passed out cold.

About about 3am I woke up, still pretty high, and ate...something. I think.

Now I'm just tired and slowly edging towards cranky. Seven more hours until Doritos, silly movies and sweet sweet basil.

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The Dummy said...

An ex roommate of mine used to like to bake cookies with 'oregano' - and I had the unfortunate incident of accidentally biting into one without knowing. "Hmm, these taste kind of funny!"

Sounds like you're having the last laugh. :)