Monday, May 28, 2007

It works, it's waaaay true

So I've been told by many wise people that, when one is happy and content and giving off a warm, welcoming vibe, one will attract others, be they men, women or children, with that same vibe.

I have to say, all those wise people were (are!) very correct.

Certain people in my life are falling by the way side and moving quickly into their place are some truly fantastic individuals that I already feel incredibly lucky to know. They know who they are...And those wonderful people who were already there, cheering me along this whole time? I owe you...big time.

Online dating update: eHarmony is chugging right along. For those of you who know how it works, I am in "open communication" with two guys so far (and in only four days!) and have questions out to several other suckers. eHarmony is like a hermedically sealed version of Match. Body condoms for everyone!

Speaking of Match...Some really cool, artsy looking dude wrote me back on Match despite the rather daunting rant that I wrote to him yesterday. He has a pretty old school name and is a graphic designer. Nice.

As for any other previously mentioned Match-tastrophes...fuck you!

The move is going well. I had a minor set back yesterday because I started to freak out about the following things, in no particular order: Both my new roommates have boyfriends, the bathroom is really small and there doesn't seem to be anywhere for me to put my things, there is absolutely no storage in the kitchen and I have no idea how I am going to watch TV without anything to put the TV ON. But then I took a deep breath, felt sorry for myself for a while, watched X-Men, and kept packing.

It will be great, it will be great...


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