Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yes yes I am alive

I'm sorry I haven't written. I really, really am. I've only had one person mention to me about how I hadn't written. Maybe I've lost your interest. In all honesty, I don't blame you. I haven't been all too entertaining as of late, even to myself.

I moved last Friday with the help of my dear old dad. It was fun hanging out with him for the day. He did some minor fixes for me around the new place and then was off. I've finally gotten settled into my room for the most part. I really like the new room. It's bright and the set up is great (if I do say so myself), more room than I thought. The one outlet has turned out to be a non-issue...but we all knew that. Or I can at least pretend I knew that.

Work is getting busier as I am getting more responsiblity. Last week pretty much sucked, but only because I had to fit five days into three. This week is going well so far. I like the added responsibility and I'm learning quite a bit, which is why I made the switch.

I could really use another day off to clean the kitchen in the new place. It's the biggest room in the apartment and no one has paid any attention to it in a long time. In short, it's really gross. Project!

The online dating is a bit dull right now. I haven't had so much time to sort through everything, but once I am more settled, you know I will put the details up for the world to see.

I've also come down with a sinus infection and I'm really tired and still a bit overwhelmed. But hang in there...I will be entertaining again soon!

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