Tuesday, June 26, 2007



This is the FIRST summer I have an air conditioner, so I'm feeling pretty happy right now. The best part...that shit was FREE.

I don't feel great tonight. I don't know if it's the heat or because I'm just really tired. It's just past 8 and I want to go to bed as soon as it's dark enough.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy. I never write, I never call. I'm a terrible blogger. Shame.

But I have GREAT news. I bought Counting Crows tickets today. Me and the prettiest girl in the whole wide world are going to see them in August! I'm so lucky! I finally get to see my favorite band in concert. I'm so excited. Yippeee!

A short story for your enjoyment:

I was out to lunch in Brookline this past Saturday with an old friend (big shout out to DC...I can't fing the address to your blog! Send, please) at a fairly crowded restaurant. The tables were small, two by two, one side a long booth bench, the other side chairs. I was on the booth side, DC on the chair side. A couple sat down next to us, the guy on the same side as DC. Well, in the middle of their meal OUT OF NOWHERE, the dude gets up from his seat and plops himself down next to the girl and directly on my purse...pratically in my lap. I could only stare with (jealous) disdain. It pushes my "I hate when a couple goes to a diner and sits on the same side of the booth" button.

I won't have it.

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