Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's official

City life is getting the best of me.

There are typically two options for parking at work on the days that I am lazy, want to sleep in and chose to drive to work (every day so far except for one):
1. The garage, $10/day
2. Resident permit street

Today, I had the option of two different spots that fall under the number two category. There are not often any permit parking spots available. Unfortunately, since I am so new to living in the city and all the joys that come along with it, I grew extremely frustrated and embarrassed after repeated attempts to parallel park in both of the said spaces, each plenty large enough to contain Lola.

With each attempt, cars piled up behind me on busy A Street and, for quite a few moments, I was "that girl."

I hang my head very low in shame as I admit to you that I parked in the garage.


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