Friday, June 15, 2007

Where the f*ck have you been

I know, right?

Gawd I'm sorry. How many times will I write a message like this, only to let you down time and time again? Many, upon many more, I'm sure. It just never gets old!

Alright. When my mind is working overtime, you know what I like, right??


1. New Pad. I've settled in quite nicely. Within the last two weeks, I've built myself a closet, scrubbed a large kitchen floor entirely on my hands and knees (the feeling of accomplishment was only a level or two below college graduation), (started to) reorganize a pantry, detailed the kitchen stove and, last but not least, unpacked my shit! There is still much to be done. I have yet to hang anything on my walls. To come, to come.

2. New J-O-B. Yeah, it's still new. It's new until it doesn't feel new anymore. It's heating up, for sure. I'm in charge of the office and the livelihood of everyone in it. I love the responsibility but it does not come without some serious frustrations. For instance, I worked on an extremely complex spreadsheet today for about three hours (I don't know Excel for shit), only to have my computer just spontaneously restart and then lose all my work...because our network is a piece of crap. Now, I have to go into work on SUNDAY because I was not about to stay late on a Friday night, even if my plans were to go to the mall, CVS, the grocery store and finally, my bed. Not cool, my friends! However, I don't mind too much because mama is getting PAID.

3. Dating still blows. I've been on two dates with this guy from eHarmony (we'll call him...John) and, while he's sweet and charming and pretty decent looking, there is absolutely nothing there! So sad. No other current prospects, hence a blog entry at 11 on a Friday night...while paying bills...and waiting for laundry to dry.

Wow. No one ever told me that 26 would be this exciting!

I promise I'll get back into the swing of writing to you. Just cut this poor, exhausted girl a bit of slack. Her lingering sinus infection thanks you!

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