Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Making it or breaking it

Alright. I need to start believing in myself more. That's the deal.

It's been suggested I start with some self actualization. (Could this be a way to fill in the next 20 minutes when the dryer will be done? Perhaps...)

It was also suggested that I write down what I want in a relationship. Not in a guy. In a relationship. Or maybe I could do both.

This is harder than I thought. But you know how I love lists.

What I want in a romantic relationship (in the order I thought of them):
*Open communication
*Belching contests
*Laughing fits
*Amazing, mind blowing sex that never gets boring (perhaps this one is a stretch)
*No matter where we are together, it feels like we are home
*To see each and every part of each other's personality and accept each for what they are, even if that means the occasional disagreement (and resulting make up sex, fingers crossed).
*Passion: physical, emotional, intellectual
*Lots of non-annoying and non-clingy snuggling (totally possible!)
*Mutual interests and some different ones, just enough to keep it interesting
*Mutual interest in each other (like uhm...we need to want to get it on with each other every once in a while)
*The understanding that from time to time, we both need some alone time

I'll stop there...maybe I'll update it later.

New mantra:
I deserve to be in a loving relationship!

Let the manifestations begin!

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