Monday, May 21, 2007

Do people still do work?

Huh? What has happened?

I logged into my specially designated Match email and Match account a few times today, despite a hectic morning. It doesn't take long and there are so many other things that I would so much rather put off.

No return email from Match Dan just yet. HOWEVER between last night at 11pm and this afternoon, there was only one new person on my "Who has viewed me" list yet my profile had been viewed an additional 11 times. Do you know what that means? Yeah...I don't either. There were a few other prospects but nothing earth shattering. I won't be home tonight until late so I thought I would check in to see what was what. No bites. Hmph.

So the question we are all asking ourselves is...Why do I let the ebb and flow of an internet dating website have such an effect on my mood and feelings of datability? Eh...because I'm bored and I have no patience.

I like instant gratification, which is one of the characteristics that I'd like to change, if only minimally. It hasn't worked out for me in the past (at least relationship is another story) and I shouldn't expect it to now. feels good at the time and maybe the day after, but what's after that? In all honesty, I would rather wait for "The One" for as long as I need to rather than have some dude who will probably turn out to be "Mr. Wrong" email me back mere hours after I send an email to him.

But that doesn't mean I won't obsess and complain about it. I need to draw the line somewhere.

I wonder how many times I have written an eerily similar blog entry...

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