Thursday, May 03, 2007

I haven't logged into Match or checked my Match dedicated email account in over a week. It's really quite nice and I like the break. The month of May is going very well so far. I's the 3rd day of the month. But I love that the intense focus is gone. I think I've been taking the whole thing too seriously and perhaps expecting way too much out of online dating.

But would I ever take things too seriously? Naaaaaahhhh

I get happier and happier everyday about the decision I made to work in the city, and I know it will only get better when I live there. It's a lot to look forward to and

Am I a bit stressed out this week? Uhm, yeah. All of a sudden, there are a million things going on and I feel like I can't keep up with anything.

I'm trying to stay in touch with everyone and go out and have fun. I haven't talked to my sister in...I don't even remember how long. But it's ok because the break is good. I need to focus on getting my own act together before I walk into the drama vortex. Who knows what's brewing as of late. But of course I feel guilty for not having spoken to her, and I'm trying to ignore it, because I shouldn't feel guilty.

I just need to relax.

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