Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Have we met?: I meet The Boss Man

So I had my second interview for this (new) job yesterday. It went well and the big boss of the company that I hope to work for wants to see me back again. So...yay. I'm not getting my hopes up because doing that tends to lead to the almost always inevitable...disappointment.

While trying to picture what the owner of a very successful small business might look like, I know I went with stereotypes. Can you blame me? While the recruiter (Pam..LUV her even though I know she's just kissing my ass to make her commission) was describing his personality, I let my imagination run wild. I pictured this work horse entrepeneur to always be wearing a dress shirt and slacks, with his tie halfway loosened and shirt sleeves rolled up. Definitely a fancy watch and very shiny shoes. I thought he'd be a little on the tubby side (what with the working long hours and fast food meals), never married (what with the working long hours and fast food meals) and very...tall. And balding...because of the stress.

Needless to say, I was WAY off. And I didn't even get ONE thing right.

When I walked into meet The Boss Man, he didn't stand up but did extend his hand. Even while sitting, I knew he was short. He was wearing a sweater and jeans, looking stylish but in now way tubby. Not balding but instead a full head of very healthy hair. He did, however, look fairly haggard, as if he hadn't slept in days. Come to find out...he hasn't. He IS married and even has a little baby at home. And when he finally did stand up...I towered over him. I'm a tall girl, I know but I mean towered...like the friggin Jolly Green Giant. He's no taller than 5'3" and I am not exaggerating. He's also...Jewish.

(Here is where I COULD write a tangent about how I picture his wife to look but I...won't. It's hard but I'll get through it.)

Now, before you get all "So what? So what if he's Jewish?" just calm down. My first real (yes, I said it...I'm being punished, don't worry) boyfriend is Jewish...like SUPER Jew Jewish. Like..."I am fluent in Hebrew and my mother grew up in a little hut in Israel" Jewish. So...I know my Jews...inside and OUT.

See how distracted I am? Focus!!

So anyway...

I feel like I knew him already, like I'd met him at some sort of art opening that my parents dragged me to and we hit it off. Not in a "let's go to my place and TALK" hit if off but like a "I probably wouldn't want to kill you as MUCH as I would other people I have to see all day, every day" kind of hit it off. It was nice...and eerily familiar. I think he got the same vibe, which is why it's now me and ONE OTHER PERSON up for this job.

So, I'm trying to figure out who they are so I can call them and pretend to be the president of a competing company with a counter offer they can't refuse. I need them out of the picture...and fast.

For whatever reason, as open minded as I think I am, he was no where near what I was expecting...and I'm very glad for it. I thought he'd be some a-hole, still living in the 1950's who just needs a glorified secretary. OH WAIT...that's my CURRENT boss. Ugh. No no...The Boss Man is very funny, scattered (I can organize anything!!) and has a personality larger than life. He seems like an honest, hard working guy who takes care of his employees. I really want this job. Really really really want it.

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