Wednesday, January 19, 2005

And now...the freak out

So my second and final interview with The Boss Man has been scheduled for Tuesday. That gives me a whole five days to stress, obsess and just be a big ole freak. My friends and loved ones are thrilled.

These are the reasons I'm freaking out:

1. If I get this job, it will change my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but listen to this: It's $15k more a year than I'm making now. That's alot of money to this poor, lowly, basically still entry level girl. I know money isn't everything but a job that I really like and enjoy PLUS more money might be damn near close.

2. Getting this job would mean freedom from my current hell hole of an apartment as well as freedom from ever having another roommate ever again (Well, at least until I get married or start living with my boyfriend or...TANGENT)

3. I am up against one other person for this job. They have 5 more years experience (even though they want twice as much money).

4. This job would allow me to buy several things that I desperately need tires, a new computer and the iPod that I have always wanted. The last one I may NOT desperately need but when I think about it, the need exponentially increases. And plus, the bitch at the gym that I HATE has one and wears it on her stupid little arm band, strutting around and god dammit! I know I could look that cute too if I had one!

5. The Boss Man took his entire staff to game four of the World Series last year. Woah.

Some people I talk to think I have it in the bag. As my boyfriend pointed out: "Hun, you're a shoe in! You're half the price...and he's Jewish!" And of course my sister is on my side, as usual...and all my friends. But then when I want an honest opinion, I talk to people I know who are "in the business" and they bring me back to reality. The Boss Man might think the extra cash is worth the extra experience. SO I have to sell up the things that I have done and make myself look amazingly brilliant and wonderful.

Any ideas?

Boss Man, if you're out there...MOLD will NOT regret it.

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