Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So I've determined that I'm way too squishy per my preference. It's not that I want to lose weight necessarily (although according to my BMI, I am 20 pounds overweight for my height), it's just that I'd like to not be so doughboy-ish. And it's for myself, no one else so don't get all into "Oh she's losing weight for a guy" and all that crap. No, not it.

So I've started to keep track of what I eat and I found this website (www.sparkpeople.com) that is just great for tracking calories, carbs, protien and fat based on what you eat. It even has sample meal plans. If you're interested in seeing what it is you are eating EXACTLY, this site will tell you. It was a huge eye opener for me in terms of how many carbs I'm eating, which is way too many. So more protien it is. But they are also huge proponents of consistency and balance: The site is void of low and no carb dieting ideas.

It's also very rewarding although at times a bit corny. Also has exercise plans should you like or need that kind of guidance. I'm a huge fan. HUGE fan. Thanks to RS for introducing me. (wink if you're still reading)

In other news, I did end up emailing Match Frank my phone number yesterday morning. I haven't heard from him, but I'm not jumping to any conclusions. He probably has a pretty demanding job (remember those days?) and the Patriots DID play Monday Night Football last night. That's all a girl needs to know. And if he doesn't call? Whatever. I'm already over it.

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