Sunday, September 30, 2007

Instant Gratification

Match Frank wrote me back. The suspense was killing you, I know.

He seems semi-interesting to me, but I'm wondering if that's because I'm not currently distracted by anything else.

He has written the following as a closing to his most recent email:

"I guess I should return the favor in the questions department, but I've only got sexual ones on the mind cause I'm a man...ok, did you play any sports growing up? What did you want to be when you were growing up? And, what kind of bathing suit do you wear (kinda sexual, sorta, maybe). Have a great Monday. (ugh)"

I don't want to write him back right away, as I don't want to seem too anxious. This is the fourth email we've exchanged, so I need to either bite the bullet and give him my number OR cut it short.

But my answers would be:
1. I dabbled in sports growing up, but never really settled on anything. I played basketball in 5th grade (because I was tall), attempted field hockey in 6th grade (because wearing a skirt and running looked fun), thought I loved softball in 7th (then got hammered with a line drive to the thigh while playing with my mother's work team), LOVED floor hockey in gym class in high school (still do) and am a pretty killer volleyball surver (shit yes). I can also throw a football pretty impressively...for a girl. I was a nerd growing up (and still)...straight A's, Academic Decathalon, Yearbook editor, National Honor Society, Tutor. No sports in high school.

2. I really can't recall what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I can tell you that the majority of my teachers, from elementary school to high school, told me to be a lawyer. I still get it. There's still time.

3. Bathing suit? Uhm...I don't have an exciting answer at all. I sport a tankini, black and white polka dots is my favorite one. Or maybe that would excite him, who knows.

He seems like kind of a meathead, but there's something intellectual about him that I can't ignore. He's also pretty cute...for being in his mid 30's. He also has Sprint. Ew. So there seems to be lots of good AND bad.

Hmmm...I'll think about sending him the digits and see where it goes. I'll let you know. (Duh)

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