Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm falling apart

Do you ever get warts? Well, I'm pretty sure I do. I remember warts from my childhood. My cousin and I shared bunk beds at one point and my aunt would come in before bed and burn her warts off her hands. And she would cry. At least this is how I remember. I'm sure it's not accurate at all.

Anywho...I've gotten a few on my fingers in the past year and I've quickly gotten rid of them, only after having to buy actual wart remover. I think I'm turning into a witch. The warts (which I now have found on MY FEET), combined with the new, enormous pimples that I now get frequently on my cheeks, combined with the fact that my pants are a bit snug, makes me quite the hot mess.

The timing of all this...with the equinox upon just isn't good.

But I'm thinking my hair looks pretty damn good and sucking my gut in all day is really good for my abs. Bring on the six pack!

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