Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's happening again

So I was really starting to dig Match Frank. You know, after three emails a girl can get hooked. We were writing back and forth pretty furiously Friday and Saturday, and he hasn't replied in over 24 hours to my last email. So perhaps I lost his interest. He lives in New Hampshire and has "working out" listed as his first hobby. He also looks incredibly hairy (one picture contains a shot of his arm hair, which I first mistook as the sleeve of a sweater) and he has 5'10" listed as his height, which probably means I'm level with him in flats. Sigh. Probably wouldn't have worked out anyway.

Today was a good day. I watched two exciting soccer games (who knew 9 year old girls could already be so good at soccer!) and got to sing along with 50 cent and my 7 year old niece in the car, sun out, windows rolled down. Later I came home and cleaned pretty much the entire apartment, which feels good. Now I'm tired and I need to take a shower, as I also put clean sheets on my bed.

I can't tell if my neuroses are getting better or worse. I suppose it doesn't much matter. I'm also PMSing today and feeling pretty...icky. I have all this anxiety about work tomorrow, which is completely unnecessary. I think I'm going to create a meaningful project for myself to keep things interesting. I need more...substance. At least at this very moment.

And of course, I'm still freaking out about money. Per usual.

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