Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today, I am attempting to trick myself into thinking many, many things. Here are just a few.

1. That my hair is longer than it actually is. I pulled it into a "half ponytail" today with about 10 bobbypins. I'm sure I would set off a metal detector. I have no idea what the back up of my head looks like.

1a. That the back of my head MUST look better than the front.

2. That Match Frank will never call, nor will I ever hear from him again. Thinking that now will hopefully lead to less disappointment in the rest of men later.

3. That I have any authority over anything at work. Ha!

4. That I'm losing weight. This is a tricky one. My pants say one thing, my mind tries to tell itself another.

and finally...

5. That this weekend, with the extra day, will feel like a vacation.

Perhaps it's true that ignorance IS bliss.

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