Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mixed messages

I know that all men are mildly brain dead on some level.

But this email from Charlie on Match (I winked at him) really has me perplexed. Can anyone tell if he's really interested in talking to me or not?

Subject: re: your wink, or something like that

Swingers is one of the greatest movies of all time. Typically, though, girls think it's a "guys file" and don't get it. And i'm secretly a little glad about that, because everything you need to know about guys is in that movie. Sadly enough...The nice thing about my favorite movie (the Big Lebowski) is that it's hard to even pretend it has any insight into the human condition. Except that people love to bowl.Speaking of which, i think it's kind of awesome that you had bowling first on your "things i like" list. Even though i haven't been in about a year, i always loved it. And I think my cousin works at that 24 hour bowling place off of 93, so i probably should go bowling soon.I also love that you twice mention cleaning is a hobby of yours. Though i suppose that if i had cleaning as a hobby, it would surprise so many people that i'd need to list it twice. Hmm, maybe more then that...Hawaii, always seems so amazing, and i want to go as well. I'm certified in scuba, but it's just way too bloody cold around here for me to want to go diving, so i'd love to Hawaii. That, and climbing up active volcano's, and those amazing-looking beaches, and the fact it's the middle of winter here, i think i might have convinced myself to go next week.Well, i just wanted to respond, and say "hey". because i definitely need to talk to anyone who doesn't like "swordfish, beets, raw onions and liver and onions" Because liver and beets are probably my too least favorite foods in the world. -charlie

Then there is the following email from a 35 year old dude whose portrait is "no longer available."

Subject: Hey

I like your profile. An interesting read. especially the part about I am a kind hearted person with an edge. You ever go clubbing in Boston?

Ugh and Ew!

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