Thursday, July 31, 2008

The one when I go off about people who are way too self entitled

I happen to be around quite a few people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth...and I'm around them way too much. Professional hazard.

I hope that someone puts me out of my misery if the day ever comes when I think something is below me. We'll list manual labor, or anything that may fall under that category, as an example. I happen to work in an office that stores ridiculous quantities of paper, in all shapes, sizes and forms. Occasionally these papers will need to be brought out of the cobwebs for review, but guess what? It is VERY much below many people here to stoop to such a level. Get my OWN files from downstairs? And CARRY them UPSTAIRS? They can't be bothered. Some of these snobs can't even load a coffee cup into the dishwasher. They leave it for those of us who weren't blessed with the god given talent of drawing lines on paper. And plus, they are way too busy being assholes to everyone who "doesn't understand."

Even some of those on the last rung of the totem pole have their over-compensating sense of entitlement. That is even more mysterious to me.

I just don't get it. I went to college, then I did my time in the trenches. I did anything and everything that was asked of me and then some. I didn't bitch (too much) about having to do it, either. You work hard to be successful. Sometimes you have to drive a fork lift and wear fingerless gloves. It doesn't stop at getting a BA, an MA or even a fucking PhD. What is wrong with these people? Why do they think their shit doesn't stink? Why do they seemingly appear to think they are god's gift to the world?

Last time I checked, we weren't saving lives or curing cancer. So drop the fucking attitude.

Ugh I've had enough.

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Rae said...

haha...not blessed with the god given talent to draw lines on paper...haha. Ha. I don't envy you! Come to Australia, I'll find you a great job!! We have an HR component to the company now. Come to Australia! Come on!