Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Get the plunger

I love my landlords.

My kitchen sink clogged up yesterday and I panicked a bit. I couldn't do my dishes and we all know that dirty dishes cause chaos and we also all know that if I cannot properly manage the chaos, I will tweak. This applies to MANY upon many other things (loose trash, dirty clothes, dust bunnies, small specs of miscellaneous material, etc.)

Anyway, my landlords are super adorable and so nice and I feel like I've been bothering them a bit too much lately.

First was the day after they had left for Florida for 5 weeks back in March (time share) and my heat just stopped working. That took a couple days for them to patch up for a far. Good thing I had that space heater.

Then a few days ago, the cold water wasn't coming out of my washing machine. Turns out the hose was clogged. They fixed it right up.

And then the sink yesterday. They came over lickety split and it was all better!

Whenever they come to fix something, they always come together. He isn't so great with the English (they are "off the boat" Italian) so she does a bit of translating. Oddly enough, she speaks to me very slowly and loudly, like I'm elderly, or a small child.

My step mother endearingly refers to them as Lilo and Stitch which is very suitable, for various reasons.

They recently offered me my pick of the vegetables they are randomly growing on the side of the house however they have not yet told me that I can use the in ground pool.

Hrmmm. I wish they would do that. I hate to ask. I hate to be imposing.

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Donald said...

Pool party in Revere!!!

I mean, West Revere!!!