Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gosh! It's so...glamorous!!

I realized I haven't written in a week. What is WAH-RONG with me??

I had a very magical evening last Friday night, one that deserves its own (if not two of it's own) blog entr(ies). So, stay tuned for that.

In other news, I think I've reached a new high with my hair. I know, I know. I'm writing about my hair. It's terribly superficial. Shame on me.

But hair looks great lately. Sure it still drives me nuts and there are days, especially when it's 90 degrees outside, that I think I'm absolutely insane to have wasted going on two years of my life now growing it out. Also I have some stray grays which are...not that cute. But if I part it the right way, you can hardly see them. But I just fucking love it. I love twirling it while I fall asleep at night. I love running my fingers through it and making is shiny. I love the color of it.

I just love it!

Ok...I promise to write something more substantial soon. I PROMISE.

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