Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Even more signs of the Apocalypse

I know you all remember this.

Well I have a few more additions.

"Living Lohan" (Thanks Rae. How could I leave it out?)

The "No Child Left Behind" Initiative

The Jonas Brothers. The only thing "Burnin' Up" is the bile in my throat. Way too skinny jeans, strange head bandanas and pretending to play instruments? All I can do is stare with my mouth agape until I'm pulled out of my trance by the screaming tweens. Yeah, and that shit is SOLD OUT.

LOL cats. Admittedly, I'm totally addicted and amused. But I know it's not good, not good at all. I realized it was sign of the end of days when I made one of my own out a picture of my parent's cats in the dryer. Whoa.

"High School Musical 3." THREE? Really? Why?!?!

"Million Dollar Listing." Where douche bags run free and it's amazingly hard to turn away.

How anyone can ever EVER think that Adam Levine is sexy. If sexy is a bag of bones in size 2 leather pants and a wife beater, then fine. Otherwise...NO.

That's it for now.

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