Monday, August 25, 2008

The one where I'll always have a place to sit

Things have been busy at work and in my head, so I know the posts are infrequent. All I can say it, deal with it. Ha.

For reasons not necessary to mention, I had to go shopping for a new toilet seat on Saturday.

A toilet seat isn't something one buys too many of in their lifetime. I know many of you have probably never purchased one at all. It's an odd thing to buy. This happened to be the second time I had to purchase one. Sigh.

As odd as it was, I successfully navigated Lowe's (without assistance) to the "Toilet Seats" section. Normally I can never find anything I need in Lowe's OR The Home Depot. They always move things and it's absolutely enraging. And of course it's the ONE time I don't need help, when I'm already carrying my shiny new toilet seat, that a very friendly woman approaches me and asks "Are you all set, ma'am"?'am.

All in all it was a successful, if not bizaar adventure.

And let's face it: Knowing I'm the only one to put my ass on that seat (except maybe the person at the factory whose job it is to test them?), is excellent knowledge to possess.

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