Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yeah, not cool

It's 2:30 in the morning on a Saturday. Surprisingly, I'm not drunk. In fact, I'm totally sober.

I tried to go to bed at 9:30. Unfortunately, the party in the apartment below me was just getting started. It doesn't seem to be a Christmas party.

I got out the ear plugs, fired up the white noise...and attempted to sleep until about 40 minutes ago. Then I gave up. No combination of sleeper's friends can drown it out, as I believe the main source of music is coming from the room directly below mine.

I know it's too late to reason with them (they are certainly all very drunk) and I've already tried calling the cops. They never came. (Did you know you need to actually dial 911 for a noise complaint? Last time I checked, that wasn't an emergency.)

I'm not usually into revenge BUT if I were having a party, I would have at least put a note on their door to invite them, or give them maybe they could go and stay with my parents or something...and get some sleep. I'm fucking tired. REALLY tired. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

I am also very hungry, as is typical if I'm awake at this hour. So anything I eat, they will certainly be blamed for.

SO I'm exacting my revenge. It may involve ringing their bell super early one morning or maybe sabotaging some laundry that they happen to leave downstairs. It will happen when they least expect it. I kind of wish the old man on the first floor was home. He'd call the police until they came and not just give up, resolving to be miserable and sleepless.

In other random news: Super Douche (hated roommate) has gotten me a Christmas gift. It's all cute and glittery in a little bag with a card. I'm pretending I don't see it, only because I don't really know what to make of it. I most certainly did not get her anything.

Also...I've been feeling really down the last few days. I went out Tuesday and got ridiculously drunk and called into work on Wednesday. Very irresponsible. I think I've been feeling down because I'm drinking entirely more alcohol than I am accustomed to, and on a regular basis. Living in the city and having a social life is not a good mix with the anti-crazy pills. So I need to tone that down. I'm sure it will help.

Then there's the whole Mike thing. I'm sick of thinking about it and talking about it, so that's all I will say.

(you're getting a long entry...suffering along with me...)

Being that I'm just sitting here, trying to waste time until they all pass out downstairs (hopefully it won't be long now), I started looking into some old files that I had transferred over from my old computer. I wrote a few pretty decent short stories years ago and I was re-reading them. They are about me being lost and confused and angry. I'm hoping when I'm not over tired, I can convince myself that things are different now.

What should I eat? I think some oatmeal...

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