Monday, December 10, 2007

Is this really happening again?

So remember the guy I mentioned, that I was dating (now exclusively) and it was really good and I didn't want to jinx it?

HA HA HA! Well, I guess I did jinx it. He took me out to lunch today to tell me that he needs to be alone, he's not ready for the "intensity" that he feels when we are together.

Yep, middle of the f-ing work day.

Am I pissed off? Yes, actually I really am.

Did I have a sixth sense that this was coming?

Yes, yes I did. It was not a complete surprise.

I really REALLY liked this one. We connected, we had the same sense of humor, we liked the same kinds of things. He walked up to me in a bar and gave me his number for god sakes. Maybe (JUST MAYBE?!?!?) he should have thought it through first.

And just asked himself...if this amazing woman actually calls me, am I really READY FOR THIS?

Ugh, no you're not. But thanks for playing.

Fuck it.

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