Monday, June 13, 2005


Hello all

God, I know I know. This blog has been so low quality lately. It saddens me to think I may have let some of you down or perhaps ruined some lives. I know I can't make up for lost time but I'll sure as hell try.

I've been busy lately, busy and thoughtful. So much has changed in the past couple of months, and for the better. I'm so thankful that everything has started to turn around and things really just keep getting better. It's so refreshing and I'm actually...happy.

I had a second interview on Friday for Successful Recruiting Firm #1. It went very well and now I am waiting. Waiting for an email or a phone call or some sort of sign that they will not only offer me the job, but also offer me enough money to make me content. I know I nailed the interview and I know that I could kick some serious ass for the company. So I continue to wait...and wait...and wait.

I had a fantastic weekend. The beach was crawling with hoochie mamas and hot boys...and cute puppies. Lots of puppies. I want a puppy.

Despite the fact that Hell has come to New England, I'm doing my best to beat the heat. My present "job" seems merely a waste of my time lately, time that could be better spent hanging out, cleaning something, organizing my personal files or balancing my checkbook. It borders on pathetic how little I care for what currently occurs in my professional life. Let's all cross our fingers and hope against all hope that all of this is about to change.

I haven't been watching television. Not even Hell's Kitchen, which I really thought I could get into. I've been spending less time by myself, which I like. I've been outside more. My cheeks are rosier and I have a glow about me. Personally, I think it's my recently whiter teeth but others seem to think it's more than that. It's almost better than being in love, and being loved back. It's feeling connected to myself which hasn't happened in quite some time.

Tomorrow, The Doll turns the big 6-0. He's taking the day off (sweet!), so his extremely elderly parents are bringing in a cake for him today as a "surprise." Apparently they do something similar every year. My sister makes me a cake every year, but she never brings it into work. And she also isn't 100 years old. However, this does mean that I get to eat cake today. That's never a bad thing.

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