Monday, June 13, 2005

A Testimonial for the Clorox Bath Wand

Since I am so obsessed with the cleanliness of my bathroom, I almost wet myself when I found out about the Clorox Band Wand.

I love cleaning my tub, but I always thought there had to be an easier way than getting down on my hands and knees, straining myself to reach every knook and cranny.

With this amazing product, I put the handle together in two easy steps and just wet the pad. The ease of the process left me starry-eyed. I stood and cleaned my tub, without having to stretch first or actually get in it.

I just love it. I bought it yesterday and couldn't wait to use it. So when I got home last night at 10pm, I went to work. Then I took a shower and it was just so sparkly. I even cleaned the tile ceiling that covers the shower!

Oh Glorious Day!!

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