Thursday, June 16, 2005


Tomorrow will be a week since my second interview, and I still have yet to hear from Successful Recruiting Company #1.

I'm starting to get a complex and I'm a complete mess. If you hadn't guessed, I am the most impatient person to ever wait in line at CVS (enough with the rain checks!), go shopping at the mall during Christmas (I would rather eat poo) or wait for anyone (usually stupid boys) to call me back. I'm an instant gratification and control junkie.

In the past six days, I have cleaned out my tax files (yep, TAX files), my closet (including shoes and sweaters), my photos since age 12, vacuumed my room (three times); scrubbed the ceiling in my bathroom (yes, the ceiling), the garbage can in the kitchen (twice), the inside and outside of the stove; cleared out all of the crap under my bed, detailed my car with a box of Q-tips and single-handedly run myself ragged. I can't sit still and I can't think about anything else.

I could be exagerrating, but you'll never know.

I'm calling them tomorrow.