Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the ugly stick has really been getting a work out

Hello loved ones,

Before I get into my topic of the day, I just want to say that I should hear today or tomorrow about THE JOB. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're obviously not a regular reader, so please become one.

Oh, and someone in the office is wearing a t-shirt from Meatloaf's 1996 World Tour. I'm just saying.

Anywho...I found the following pictures of Courtney Love today and was quite taken aback. She usually looks like a complete coked out mess, but these are out of control hideous. This is also my new favorite website. Thanks to whoever the guy is that writes that stuff.

There could only be one possible good thing to come out of this. It may mean that Courtney has finally laid off of the drugs and replaced them with ice cream and submarine sandwiches (and gotten rid of her mirrors) which I would prefer to see her do. However, even a lady with a little meat on her bones and a gagillion dollars could pull herself together better than this. Standing next to the most orange person on earth can't help either. It's not that I even want to make fun of her. It's more that I'm embarrassed for her. Where this empathy for a completely insane person comes from is unknown. I am ovulating.


Anonymous said...

Let the record show that I check your blog on a daily basis with hopes to hear the update on THE JOB so please keep me posted.
love and kisses,
Araxie :)

The Dummy said...

Hey, good luck on THE JOB! :)

Anonymous said...

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