Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why can't some girls be boys?

I've posted an email from AC below, who I often wish was a boy I could date, but I understand that some of you may need some back story.

Do all of you remember when I dated the postal worker? I'm not even sure I ever wrote about it. At any rate...I did, he kind of sort of dumped me, and is now dating some skanky whore. I haven't seen him in over a year, since he started dating her BEFORE he broke up with me.

At any rate...my precious AC is soon to have a birthday and aforementioned postal man (and said skanky whore) will be in attendance. I told her I was a bit hesitant to attend, as I don't want to feel like the "single loser." She had this to say:

Feel like a loser in front of those two?


Get your shit together and think about what you just said.

Those two idiots deserve each other and you should be happy you got out of it when you did. They might not even come. She is hating me again.

You are infinitely better then him and she is not even remotely comparable.


Isn't she darling?

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