Thursday, April 17, 2008


Work totally ROTS. My boss resigned yesterday and he's pretty much the best thing I've got going here. I hope it's the beginning of the end for me. Now I am slated with the task of having to find his replacement. Awkward!

I wasn't expecting to hear from 30 something Match last night, as our date was less than 24 hours previous. But I won't lie...I was hoping I would hear from him. But there's the rub (thank you, Pessimist Prime, for reminding me how absolutely versatile this saying is): Hope and Expectations in this brain of mine seem to be one in the same. I already know one of his hesitations: his schedule and my schedule don't mesh so much. He is up all hours of the night doing whatever he does. But I'm not about to feel bad about going to bed at 10pm (or earlier) when I have to get up at 530 during the week. Will I be flexible on this? Sure...but only if I get the same amount of willingness in return. That's the way it should work and, despite my loneliness on the male companionship front, I will not be that girl who gives and gives and gives and GIVES and gets so little in return. I would rather be alone than have my head fucked with like that again.

Amen and Hallelujah to THAT!


Ashley said...

I (of course) cannot resist and attempt to stalk and have read through pessimist prime's blog and have decided that you two should be friends. Granted, he was born in 1984 (but then you yourself are one of the ladies of the 80's) but he seems very funny and insighful in that bitter way that we love.

Steph said...

Ashley! Once again, your insight is astounding. Pessimist Prime and I are, in fact, hanging out tonight!