Wednesday, April 02, 2008

drama mama

Lately, I find myself in high drama situations. Mostly at work.

Because I'm allergic to drama and hate it and avoid it at all costs, it drains me to the point of exhaustion when I'm forced to deal with it, unnecessary and copious amounts of it, everyday.

That leaves little space for my own drama, or the drama of those I love. But I don't have the room for more.

While I'm not in the business of blogging much too much about work, I really can't help it. I'm not naming names, so I think it will be ok.

It will be will be will be ok...

Oh! Sorry...


I work for some strange people who are highly intelligent, but completely socially retarded. On a daily basis, I find myself butting heads with them because they don't even realize they lack social graces. That, and they are ridiculously petty and I think this is because deep down, they are hugely insecure.

I know I tend to psycho-analyze...but usually if I spend enough time with someone, I can get it right on the money.

Attention hog who is a a bit (or more) immature? Probably the youngest child in a 3+ child family. Check.

Nit picker who always find faults in everyone else but never in themselves? Deeply insecure, self involved and usually shallow (tends to be female and sometimes overweight/homely). Check.

Socially awkward, rude, arrogant, interrupting type? Most likely bullied when they were a child for being a nerd and now plays his personal vendetta out in his professional life. Check.

I'm not always right, but I'm usually close. When I think about trying to psycho analyze myself, that is...if I didn't err know gets harder.

I am a bit insecure, but not necessarily catty or arrogant. I am however stubborn and usually try to make people see things my way. I'm the youngest child, but also the only child, so that may make me a bit of an attention hog (true on some occasions) and definitely makes me a smart ass, although I prefer the term "sassy" which may fall into the same category as sarcastic and semi petty.

So maybe it does work on me, too. HA!

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