Monday, April 14, 2008

complete insanity

I need to be brief. Today is crazy.

I spent most of the weekend stressing about how today would go. All in all, it wasn't too bad. It went by very fast, which is all a girl can hope for.

The walls seems to be crumbling down around me here at the ole office and I am proud to say that when worse comes to worse, I've been the rock. For a while there, I may have forgotten, however briefly, just how tough I am.

30 something Match has been completely MIA since I spoke with him a week ago. We had made plans to go out tomorrow (Tuesday) night but I am beginning to think I've been blown off.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself and using the phrase "die alone" in a sentence, it's safe to say this happened for a reason.

I should really be focusing 100% on the following things (in no particular order):

1. Finding a new, fabulous, amazing and high paying job in a recession
2. GO TO THE FUCKING GYM more than once a week
3. Think about loooooooooong hair
4. Nesting at home
5. The wonder that is DVR
6. Reading more...books, magazines, whatever
7. Figuring out why I break out like I never did in high school
8. Staying better in touch with friends and family
9. Get a hobby
10. Have more fun
11. Save more money
12. Volunteer time and money much MUCH more to worthy causes
13. Find the perfect mascara
14. Stop avoiding Sudoku. Everyone's doing it...
15. Crosswords!


I'm just going crazy now.

Love to all.


Donald said...

If I haven't told you recently, you are amazing. You're like my favorite person ever (and when did I start talking like a character in Juno?)

Steph said...

sniff sniff. I heart you, Donald.