Monday, April 07, 2008

Misery...although not entirely

Warning: If you are a bit queasy or scared of TMI (that's "too much information" for those of you not in the know), you may not want to read today's post. I'm not holding back.

First off, I have a RAGING yeast infection. I haven't had one in quite some time and it's really coming at me with a vengeance. I am so miserable and I know I have a "my crotch really itches but I can't itch it so I am going to whince and scrunch up my face in hopes that it helps with the pain and agony" look on my face. Those who are observant may have already noticed. There is only so much some special cream and frequent trips to the ladies room can do for me right now.

Secondly, a new Match crush may have fizzled out before it started. I hate being the last one to leave a voice mail. I hate the game. I haven't even met this guy yet but I have already started to like him. As in...I'm actually excited to go out on a date with him and meet him, rather than dreading it. He seems very busy (going to school and working) and I'm unsure if he really has the time to date. I like lots of attention, after all. Who knows...I guess only time will tell. Stats: early 30's, designer, lives in Boston, originally from the South.

In other news...I got a $185 haircut yesterday for $50. I'm not sure how much different a haircut that expensive is from say a $30 haircut...I'll let you know as it grows out.

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