Friday, April 11, 2008


So I'm home on a Friday night, looking for a new job. I don't know whether that's sad or ambitious. Maybe a little bit of both.

Unfortunately, it seems to be slim pickings, which makes me very, very nervous. I think just one phone call or email back to show some interest in my resume would make me feel a little better, even if it is for something waaaay lame. At least then I know someone is reading it.

It's a bit strange because it's never been difficult for me to find a new job. Does that sound arrogant? Forgive me...

All of a sudden, it's a challenge and it's completely freaking me out. Any thoughts of sticking it to my current employers before finding another j-o-b have very quickly left me. I need to keep what I have so that I don't lose my cushy pad. I don't have nearly enough money saved to live off for for any extended period of time. No way am I wracking up the credit card debt after just paying it all off. I have to stop being silly.

In other news, Match seems to be just dead weight. Focus moves 100% to career.

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