Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I haven't been sleeping well in the new place. I'm still adjusting and blah blah blah. Also there is some shit going down at work that makes me a bit uneasy, which tends to disturb my much needed beauty sleep.

I really wanted to get a good night's sleep last night, so I dug out the ole prescription sleeping pills. I haven't taken them in quite some time. I've been relying instead on my own will to sleep, pure exhaustion and the occasional dose of Simply Sleep.

WELL, when I used to take the real stuff, I would only take half a dose because it's pretty potent. After a while, I would get used to half a dose (read: immune) and every once in a while, I would take the full dose.

Last night, I forgot about the whole half a dose part.

It's nearing 1pm and I'm still not awake. But I did sleep really REALLY well.

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