Monday, February 11, 2008

New favorites

Work is busy today. It's a good thing, because it makes time go by faster, which is really the goal. One day at a time.

But in between the spreadsheets and timesheets, I needed a wee break. So I've decided to take this opporunity to tell you about a few new favorite things.

1. New favorite quote: "I don't have an ego, I just love how awesome I am." The first time I heard this on the Taco Bell commercial, I laughed out loud.

2. DVR: Yep, cable and internet are officially installed. I've already watched several things I have recorded (just for the hell of it) and ordered a few *free* items On Demand. The remote still smells like new plastic!

3. The Star Tac (I think) elliptical running machine: I joined Bally's yesterday and this machine kicked my ass. Why does this make it a favorite thing, you ask? Well, the senior looking woman next to me was two levels above me and not even breaking a sweat, so that gives me something to work towards. You know how I love goals. In addition, it has a built in face fan. Rule.

4. The new season of Rob & Big on MTV: I fucking love this show. Turtle races and mini horse competitions? Why isn't everyone watching?

5. H&R Block Tax Cut: I did my taxes in less than 20 minutes, people!

6. My own kitchen: I'm! GASP!

7. Mini tubes of Aquaphor: I don't think I need to say anything else.

I could come up with more, but I really must be off.

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