Friday, December 23, 2005

She was a show girl, now she's a Corolla

Greetings from the world of....(hear in head sound of Rob the Announcer from The Price is Right)...A NEW CAR!

That's right, folks. I bought a brandie spankin' new car. Her name is Lola and she is a lovely shade of midnight blue.

I was rather panicked this morning. And let me tell you why.

Chariot (may she rest in peace) was really a mess. Needed about $600 or more worth of work done to her. I had to put her down. It was the best for both of us. But that left me without a car, over a long weekend. Enterprise gave me a rather pathetic excuse for a rental it seemed as if no one wanted to give me a deal. I gave up on the pipe dream of a new Honda because I knew no one would give it to me at a price I could afford (which is not very much). So, I swallowed my pride (for the millionth time this week) and Nick, bless his heart, suggested the Corolla. I made some calls this morning, found a guy who was willing to work with my numbers and, about 4 hours later, I drove away in...A NEW CAR!!

In the end, it was all so simple.

Lola now has a whole 58 miles on her and boy does she purr like a kitten.

Merry Christmas to me!!

(and to you, of course)


Anonymous said...

Congrats & Have a Very Merry Xmas.
Let's get together soon. Love Ya, CJ

bruce said...

Darling! How nice to hear from you. I haven't even read your blog entry. I will. Just wanted to say HELLO and Happy Holidays.
from Bruce

Steph said...

Bruce! My love! Happy Holidays to you as well. I am just as guilty of not keeping up to date with your blog but of course you are fabulous and I hope the new year brings you many a wonderful thing. :)