Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An Ode to Domestic Goddesses

I'm watching my sister's children all day today while she gets stiched up. I'm worried about her and busying myself with laundry, dishes and overall chaos management. It's dizzying.

I love my nieces and nephew. I really do, will all of my heart. But they can be devil children and the urge to get out the duct tape and utilize that spare space in the hall closet does become rather tempting.

I have no idea how my sister wakes up every morning at 5:30, goes running and then comes home to monitor these angels. I'll have to mention to her that she is an amazing woman. Again.

I'm hiding from them right now. The littliest, who is four years old, has not stopped following me around all day. Their dog, Max, possibly the sweetest little monster in the world, follows in her wake. I have my own little conga line.

We're off to the pool soon, where I'm sure I will manage the endless splashing, disobedience and the like.

Don't tell anyone, but I secretly love it.


Melissa said...

Conga! Has Emma started to hang off you yet? Watch out, her little fists are like bulletts.

Steph said...

OH emma...she's straight from the loins of the devil.

Anonymous said...

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