Monday, May 12, 2008

the world would be so much better if everyone were more like me

I am surrounded by crazies and idiots.

Work continues to suck my soul. It's found a new and creative way to do so...color me impressed.

I have a second interview tomorrow for a job I REALLY want, right in downtown. They even gave me homework, so those of you who know me well know that homework for a job interview is right up my alley. Nerd Alert!

I know this is asking for something without offering to give anything (you should be used to it be now), but I could use some good vibes to counteract the incredibly crazy volume of bads ones.

Exhibit A: See above reference to WORK.

Exhibit B: I've been trying to "hang out" with this one guy I met at a party a couple of weeks ago, but to no avail. It seems incredibly difficult. He has been deemed insane. I second that.

Exhibit C: More on the man front, the creepies and crawlies are really coming out of the woodwork lately. I need to get that magnet removed...

Thank you to all, but especially to AC (down with the poisoned cream!), CM (your voice mails keep me going) and my dearest Donald (I miss you more than you miss me...duh) for your recent and wonderful support, despite my being a thoroughly miserable bitch...albeit a thoroughly miserable bitch with fantastic hair.

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Kristin said...

We seriously need to hang out soon, if only so I can see the hair :)