Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T vomit

I really don't have anything new and exciting to tell you. Things are the same.

Yesterday was very humid and the T was supah miserable.

I usually walk the mile or so to the Orange Line instead of jumping on the Red, which is closer to work, but yesterday I took the Red. You was very hot and sticky and I was wearing a skirt. Do I need to say more?

Well, I get on the Red and immediately smell vomit...that smell that you just cannot mistake with anything else. And I look...and it's all over the seat that I'm standing across from. So these two sassy black girls get on after me and start going all "Girlfriend!" about the puke, which is hilarious, and almost makes it all worth it.

So then this snobby Asian girl gets on and is all "Can you PLEASE move in more?" when the train is completely packed and her skinny ass should just wait for the next fucking train. (Everyone acts like there will NEVER be another train to come and that THIS train is the LAST train that will EVER take them home EVER) The sassy black girls were about to warn her about the puke but then were like "Uh uh bitch! Not with that attitude!" was so awesome. I was dying.

Anyway...the snobby girl puts her hand DIRECTLY on the railing that is covered in puke and then touches her hair. The sassy girls and I are hysterical. was so great. Proof that there is justice in the world.

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